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Sharpened at the factory, this five piece chisel set is forged with authentic Japanese chisel making technic. The cutting edge is made of Japanese High-Carbon HRC63 steel, and then laminated to softer iron steel body. *Important Notice* Do not use grinding machine to sharpen this chisel, grinding machine will chip the cutting edge. Please use waterstone to sharpen the chisel.

Yataro Authentic Japanese Chisel Set (3 Piece)

$109.99 Regular Price
$87.99Sale Price
    • Blade Width: 9mm(~ 3/8"), 12mm(~ 1/2"), 15mm(~ 5/8")
    • High Quality Japanese Laminated Steel
    • Single Hollow Ground Back Reduces Contact Area With Workpiece
    • High Quality Red Oak Handle
    • Heavy Duty Steel Ring
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